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Kwickin: the safe choice esterified oil

SST Australia’s KWICKIN is an esterified oil-based adjuvant made from a blend of canola oil and nonionic surfactants.

Read more here from Western Australia’s Farm Weekly June 14th Edition.


Wetters aint’ Wetters

Wetters aint’ Wetters as they say……Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a quality 1000g/L wetter and a generic 1000g/L wetter? Well, as the SST Lab shows – a lot! Don’t be fooled by the label, and as the saying goes “you get what you pay for….”!


Control bud-break & flowering with Waiken

Control bud-break & flowering with Waiken

Stuart Douglas of WA’s Denmark Heritage Cider Company says Waiken is essential for pollination and fruit set at his apple orchard. Read more here about Stuart’s experience, and for more details on the initiation of dormancy and fruit set in apples, cherries and grapes (pinot noir)……

TreeFruit article Waiken


Looking for an Applications Specialist ANZ

Want to work for a market leading Agricultural company? We have an exciting role open right now for an Applications Specialist – ANZ! Read more about this role here…..



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